Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Really Deep Thoughts... What's so amazing about them?

Aha! My very first of what promises to be many Tori Amos references on here. Above is the photograph of me, with her, in Cleveland November 2007. It was truly great to meet her!!!!!
My favorite musician and artist of them all. I was listening to her this morning while I cleaned the kitchen and prepared strukla, which is a Slovenian dumpling-type dish we enjoy in our family. I work odd hours, mostly on the weekends, but that allows more 'free' time during the week.

Danielle and Victoria left for school this morning well-rested and chipper! They have recently acquired new bedding which we cannot afford but desperately needed, and they sleep so soundly now. Danielle has the covers over her head and is burrowed in like a field mouse when I check on them, but Victoria, ever since she was a newborn, has a habit of kicking the covers onto the floor.

If you're reading this, you either know me almost completely or not at all. I'm wary of boring those I know to explain myself to those who don't. But I must at least provide some clues, lest you think I am a boring housewife or something. SO! here are some facts & adjectives just randomly pulled from my brain:

I was arrested once.... I guess I'm liberal enough at this point to be considered radical.... I'm a Recovering Christian (yes, more Tori lyrics) who is still a Christian; make sense of that.... I love to read.... I love love .... I love my kids... I'm very political.... reactionary.... thirsty.... energetic and tired all at once... hungry..... joyous.... unafraid. My parents are my big-time heroes. My husband is my big-time love, but I've had others and still hold them in my heart. I get angry instead of crying.

And that's it for today, as I still have much more to do in the real world!

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